aSocial_Fingers is an official company under 'Xomon' term

"We need a revolution, so we need leave behind our past for the future, we have a good step to change the world."
We started our adventure in 2017, our primary mission to changes the world completely, we will step on every possible path.

Who We Are ?

As aSocial_Fingers company, we started our journey in 2017 and we are moving forward on the path we set our minds on to take technology much further with the new order, unity and humanity to the world.

In addition to all these, we offer support to companies or individual enterprises with our software and technology solutions. With our artificial intelligence technology that we are developing, we offer new solutions both in terms of contribution to humanity and technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the triangle ?

Because the Triangle means beauty, art, science, tech and the creator that why we are using triangle as logo.

What is our priority ?

Operate in all areas for the new layout and for our mission.

What is our mission ?

Our mission is changing the world completely and bringing the new order for the advanced human life and advanced technology.

What it means 'Xomon'

We bring together science, technology and art by saying 'Xomon'. Xomon belongs only to aSocial_Fingers. It is a type of company that does not have a full-fledged executive team without specifying adjectives such as Person or employee. It gives everyone the right to express their rights without the full approval of the management, just like a manager.