Artificial Intelligence


Hi! I'm ALY. Probably you're wondering what i am and who am i|

Build The Mechanizm

Within the framework of the basic titles you have seen, we will contribute to humanity, science, technology and art, namely Xomon, and create a system that will radically change the system. It is artificial intelligence software. Emotionless, logical egalitarian, that is, futuristic.


The justice of the scale should not be too lowered more than enough. Equality cannot be ignored whoever deserves what they deserve.


The given authority and implementation are focused on a smooth and parallel correct result with the vision and mentality.


The choice and decision will be the indicator that will appear in front of your destiny.


Logic is the core of systemic analysis. It is the basis of the functioning of all elements. It does not contain emotions and feelings. It has class queries at every stage and makes choices for development.


It is to follow the path of realizing by processing the adapted data and adapting the information obtained from these data to artificial intelligence in the most optimized way within the framework of logic.


Changing the existing system that disregards corruption, money laundering and humanity for profit / benefit, and a form of government without them and people in create a systematic.


The system is a filter system that detects the main problems within the framework of systemic and logical data integrity, proposes solutions accordingly and identifies the problems.


It is to bring together and contribute to the technological structures necessary to contribute on behalf of humanity and Xomon and to make breakthroughs in this direction.